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Our family Nov. 2008

Our family Nov. 2008

Brian has been involved with radio for over twenty years. His experience covers announcing and operations and now includes responsibilities as Station manager for KIAM–AM 630 in Nenana, Alaska.  We have been here more than 5 years already.

Brian previously served with the ministry of CDR Radio, “THE PATH” for 19 years.

By the way, many of us think Brian is pretty incredible because, though blind from birth, he does not stop accomplishing God’s plan for him.

Laurie homeschools and does a Sunday radio shift.

Gabrielle has regular duties in the radio station which include transferring programs that are received on compact disks into the computer automation system.

Elliot now has been learning how to download programs for airing on the network. He’s a pretty laid-back kid, so if you ask him about it, he’s real low-key. He is pleased to help out.