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Birthdays and “The Boys”

On our fridge are pictures of the children when they were 3,  6,  9,  12,  and 15.  We got the pictures taken throughout the year at a place that  has wooden numerals to use as props.  I like to look back and know how old the child was when the picture was taken.  This is the year […]

The Fair is done for this year

The results are now in and I have four of the best  in my own family. I am not being partial to my own children. I have documented proof from people who have just recently met my children. Well, seeing is believing, right? God has really blessed us with children who enjoy life and learning. […]

 Bo is wearing a cone to keep him from irritating his surgery site after being neutered. This procedure was necessary for him to become more focused on the work of a guide than on the whims of being a male dog.  The training is paying off in interesting tricks for Sim’s fish.  One or both can […]

From the Obedience Class

Sigh! Some of us just can’t help being cute.Here are some pictures of the puppies while at their obedience class.

More Puppy Pictures

Cooper ready for mud season

The Pups are growing up

Celebrities (?)

Someone recently made a comment that our website has not been updated for a couple of months.  Has it really been THAT long? I will make a few comments now and hopefully come back here soon to do more updates . On the first of April Gabrielle and Elliot and their guide dogs-in-training participated in a […]