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The Fair is done for this year

The results are now in and I have four of the best  in my own family. I am not being partial to my own children. I have documented proof from people who have just recently met my children. Well, seeing is believing, right? God has really blessed us with children who enjoy life and learning. […]

Fair-ly great

Our children are having a great week while participating in the Tanana Valley State Fair. We are just over half-way done, so the final count of awards cannot be told. We have begun a display at home of the ribbons that the children have been allowed to bring home. There are six blue (first place), […]

 Bo is wearing a cone to keep him from irritating his surgery site after being neutered. This procedure was necessary for him to become more focused on the work of a guide than on the whims of being a male dog.  The training is paying off in interesting tricks for Sim’s fish.  One or both can […]