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                                                     The waters in Nenana are going down.  We don’t know yet the extent of the damage.  We know some people have lost their homes.  Our street is still flooded but it appears the waters are down about 8-10 inches from their crest on Sunday morning.  Adam has stopped using his canoe because the water […]

How do you travel to work?

What an adventure our lives are lately! We found a new way to get across the street to the radio station on Sunday morning.  Do not try this unless your street is under water–Ha! I used a pair of shoes destined for the trash and two trash barrel liners for my hip-waders.  We have seen […]

It is wet here.

  Please keep Nenana and KIAM in your prayers.  The flood waters are now well in Nenana.    The Tanana River appears to have crested at 14.64 feet this morning at 6:45 Saturday.  That’s 2.14 feet above the flood stage but the waters in town have continued to rise.    Though the river appears to have crested […]