All posts for the month September, 2008

Five years ago TODAY

Whoa! Brian just reminded us that five years ago today, we left Cedarville to come to Nenana. He says it was a Wednesday then as well. How many things have changed since then… But our great God is still the same loving heavenly Father watching over us and guiding us. We are so thankful to […]

Little comments from a little one

Of course, you know that small children do say things that older folk find amusing. This comment was made while a young person was being wheeled around and around in the Fairbanks Wal-mart: “I wish we needed all the things that we want.” I guess that it is well known by this person that God […]

Top Ten: reasons to go to church

In the second T&T AWANA book one of the four questions is “Why should I go to church?” There are eight answers with supporting Scripture verses to back up those answers. I really think that some kids need an answer like “Because I said so”, but so far, that is not an issue we have […]

Pilot’s License

I realized that Time was passing by but I didn’t realize that it had its pilot’s license. We have been busy with 4-H service projects and individual projects and the Tanana Valley State Fair and the Nenana flood and wrapping up the end of “school” work from the spring. We also enjoyed a week of […]