Turkey Shoot

I have never seen a turkey shoot anything. Neither have I ever attended a Turkey Shoot until today. Gabrielle and Elliot tried their skill at shooting since they each completed a gun safety course last fall. They each paid $2.00 for ten bullets rounds. Gabrielle used a gun .22 bolt-action single shot open -sight rifle. Elliot used a .22, but it had a bullet holder thing magazine and  spy-glass thing scope.

I was relived to see that they were shooting paper pictures of turkeys and NOT real live turkeys.  Oh,  the prize for the best of  each group of ten shooters was a frozen turkey. Even if it hadn’t been the plucked- ready -to- thaw- and- roast variety, it would likely been frozen because it was so cold out there.  It was about 20 degrees but there was wind.

Tomorrow, I’m roasting a chicken.

March 6,10

E getting to ready to shoot a "turkey"

March 6, 10

G chooses a gun that works for her

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