God’s Provisions Warning: Moose Story

We got a good dusting of snow today. It came pretty steadily most of the day. It might be a half inch.
God has given us a surprise provision today.
Just about 8 am Brian answered the phone and it was the state troopers about a moose. Voice For Christ Ministries is on their charity list to salvage hit moose.
This moose was hit on the highway just south of where the Migras live. They were willing to get to it right away. As soon as I finished my early Sunday radio responsibilities, I took the three older children to be helpers. Gabrielle is so happy to help with this type of job. Her biology class last year and her current anatomy and physiology class have captured her interest. She willingly helped with the work, but she was the one with a baggie in her pocket for an eyeball. She also took out the brains. Simeon was in charge of taking a hatchet to cut the skull to remove the antlers. (They were not for us.)
Elliot’s interest in this is taking pieces of the hide to try tanning methods.One thing he is eager to try is the sourdough method.

We had tenderloins for dinner…ummmm! I think tomorrow is liver and onions. Brian is looking forward to the heart and Rick really recommends tongue sandwiches.
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