It is wet here.


Please keep Nenana and KIAM in your prayers.  The flood waters are now well in Nenana. 


The Tanana River appears to have crested at 14.64 feet this morning at 6:45 Saturday.  That’s 2.14 feet above the flood stage but the waters in town have continued to rise. 


Though the river appears to have crested it is going down very slowly.  We have about two feet of water in the street in front of KIAM.  Water is 2 inches or so past the first step of the station.  About a foot of water is under the building.  Six inches or so of water is in the shop.  The FM transmitter has been turned off because the water is about an inch from the bottom of the rack where it is housed.  At this time the AM and the satellite network are still operational.   


Art (our engineer) has about three feet of water in front of his house and some flooding on the lower level of his house. 


Parts of Nenana have been evacuated.  Ship yard under three feet of water.  The Alaska Railroad has stopped operation since Thursday.  Part of the track has been washed out.  Some roads are impassible. 


How do we go to and from work?


Adam rode me over here on his four wheeler.  He’s wearing waders.  I’m thinking maybe I can make it across in a rough tote? Not surprisingly, toilets have backed up here. More rain has fallen today and more is forecast…even snow for the higher elevations.  It has been sort of a strange summer.



We’ll try to post pictures on Sunday.
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