Fair-ly great

Our children are having a great week while participating in the Tanana Valley State Fair. We are just over half-way done, so the final count of awards cannot be told. We have begun a display at home of the ribbons that the children have been allowed to bring home. There are six blue (first place), one red (second place), one white (third place), one purple (class champion), and one for sixth and one for seventh places in the Pet show.

We have taken whole wheat bread, rolls, peanut butter cookies, tortillas, carob cakes, sourdough muffins, posters, rhubarb, and a notebook about training goldfish.  Two of the children participated in Culinary Capers which is an on the spot cooking project while a panel of three judges look on. One of our two got a class champion for this (not mentioned above). 

The opportunity to be in 4-H has been good for our four children to learn in long-term projects. Entering into the Open class has allowed them more breadth without the depth.

We’ll see how the rest of the week unfolds.

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