We went to town

We went to town yesterday…Brian took me along to drive… I took him to carry the heavy stuff.

We don’t especially like to go to town because it takes so long (an hour each way and all the errands). Brian said that one benefit of our trip yesterday, was that we still had daylight. To this one of the children made comment that it wasn’t daylight any more, but nightlight.  Point well taken as it was a pretty late return. 11:30 PM . Summer solstice was ths week, too. We do tend to lump as many errands together as possible to save on gas. I know you do, too. I filled up the tank before heading home. It took $140.00. I am glad it wasn’t closer to empty! This makes me so glad for the generous folks who believe in the radio work here and are called of God to continue to support us financially. If you are one who prays for us: THANK YOU.

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