Long Weekend

If you read our newsletter that went out two weeks ago you will recall we asked you to pray about up-coming board meetings at Voice for Christ Ministries, the radio mission under which we serve. 


Those meetings happened.  They were long. Very long.  Our five year old said she believes the meetings are called board meetings because they’re boring.


We believe God worked in some surprising ways. 


We now have two new board members who live in Alaska.  We’re confident their experience and expertese will help move us forward. 


Our general director Bob Eldridge is on a well deserved four month sabatical.  We pray he can get some rest and relaxation.  This man built VFCM (with God’s help) from the ground up.  It started with one 5000 wat AM station in Nenana in 1985.  Under his leadership it has grown to include KYKD FM in Bethel, KAGV AM in Big Lake, KIAM-FM in Nenana, plus 15 FM translators across Alaska.


We pray the Eldridges will have the opportunity to do some things they’ve wanted to do for years but were unable to do because of the rigorous demands of the ministry.  Pray also for Bob’s wife Dee who is battling a stubborn staff infection called MRSA.  She has been under treatment for 10 days, including mega doses of injected antibiotics, and cleaning of the wounds caused where the flesh ravaged by the disease was removed. 


Art Thompson who came here to do our engineering has been named interim general director of VFCM.  He’ll have plenty to do for a long time.  And it appears we have a few new people to help us at VFCM this summer and into early fall.  We may just get some summer vacation afterall!   


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