Focus on vacation

What is the common element here?
Driver’s side mirror being side-swiped from our truck,
getting lost (only a little!),
glacier-river silt blowing into our mouths as we ate,
someone getting carsick (only once),
$4.94 for a gallon of gas X a 44 gallon tank,
SIXTY miles of a gravel road,
drivers in Anchorage (they are a lot like those in the lower 48).
* * * * * *
Sweet fellowship with other believers (several times),
seeing good friends that we haven’t seen for months,
having someone else cook for us a few times,
camping as a family–the teens are getting fast at setting up a tent,
Brian reading The Hiding Place while we drove,
meeting dear friends that have become “old” friends already,
beautiful scenery…our whole state is a scenic by-way,
bonding times for our family.

It is all a matter of focus.
I’ve got tri-focals now and I’m learning how to look at life differently than I used to.
Some things are up close (quite important) and need to be closely examined. There are other issues in my life that warrant attention and are important- but surely not top prioity stuff.
Then there is that which I need to look at most–the distant viewing section of my glasses is the largest for a good reason. Things that are most important are the things of eternity (things most distant in time?)
Oh, that I would really grow to live with these thoughts in front of my spiritual eyes all the time.

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