Pilot’s License

I realized that Time was passing by but I didn’t realize that it had its pilot’s license. We have been busy with 4-H service projects and individual projects and the Tanana Valley State Fair and the Nenana flood and wrapping up the end of “school” work from the spring. We also enjoyed a week of vacation and another week when Grandma and cousin Tim came. We visited Denali National Park and the Alaska Museum with them.
That’s the highlights. Continue reading to get the more detailed view.
Gabrielle took a First Aid project as well as a Bread Basics project for 4-H. (I admit that I chose that bread project for her out of selfish motives. UMMM!) We have enjoyed the learning processes for muffins, sourdough bread and pancakes, tortillas, biscuits, waffles, as well as (near weekly) whole wheat bread. I was confident in her tortillas and bread to think she would have a blue ribbon. Gabrielle wasn’t well enough aquainted with 4-H and fair shows to know.
She was SO surprised that she earned a blue ribbon for each of her displays ( ww tortillas and ww bread). I was SO surprised to also see a Best of Class ribbon on the bread as well as a Grand Champion Ribbon (for all 4-H baking projects). Well, we do eat well here at the Blairs!
Elliot and Simeon did Plant projects and with the cooler wet summer we had, the projects evolved into something less than what they had planned. (I am the mom and I do reserve bragging rights.) Their 4-H leader was VERY impressed with the notebooks the boys put together. I gave some suggestions and they developed their own ideas. The notebooks include narrative of what work was done in the area of plants as well as some collections of seeds, buds and blossoms, even some Latin names. I am hoping that the notebooks will continue to grow as the boys learn more about different Alaskan plants.

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