Top Ten: reasons to go to church

In the second T&T AWANA book one of the four questions is “Why should I go to church?” There are eight answers with supporting Scripture verses to back up those answers. I really think that some kids need an answer like “Because I said so”, but so far, that is not an issue we have had to face. I thought of another really great reason for us to go the 26 miles to Anderson to attend church services. Before I write it, I do acknowledge that it isn’t a spiritual sounding answer for a missionary. Just don’t tell.

This morning when we were about a mile from church, a mama moose and her calf were about to cross the road in front of us when they suddenly changed plans.  The calf turned and stumbled off the road while mama hurried ahead of it. After we passed, they both got back on the road and our children watched from the rear windows of the truck. We saw a second pair along a diffferent stretch of highway several miles away while on our way home this afternoon. You may think that I would have some great pictures. Or at least some really fuzzy ones. Or just one, stinky, really blurry one. You wouldn’t wat to hear that for the last Three Moose -Pair sightings our camera has been in the bottom of my backpack. We have NO pictures to show.

To see some really nice photos, ask my mom and my nephew, Tim. They had their cameras ready.

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