Warming Up

When Brian says that it’s minus twenty-two and that it has warmed up, I’m glad to be sitting on the couch with a phonics lesson to do.

We had some guests of the younger type for supper the other day. The subject of my age came up. No, I’m not 87 nor am I 500 years old. (Actual guesses!) But we did some counting and found that I am older than Gabrielle (17), Simeon (11), Michaela (5), Guest A(6), and Guest B (8). They also found out that next year, they would have gained five more years but I will have aged only one more! What fun we all had…and of course, we did talk of lots of other things!

Because of the memories of last year, I think having a peanut butter sandwich for Thursday’s dinner would be fine.  Not everyone else in the family thinks like I do. Much to their delight, someone came today with a TWENTY pound turkey for us to have for a more traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Now I am also looking foward to having some fun in the kitchen while teaching my children how to wrestle that big bird into the oven!

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