Nenana increased by eight feet

Sure, the title is meant to lure you into reading more!
Nenana has increased by eight feet. These eight feet, quickly followed by four more feet, just ran past me here in my dining room. Let me tell you about the latest 4-H project. On Tuesday, November 25, we met two Guide Dogs of the Desert puppies-in-training at the Fairbanks airport.
Gabrielle is now attempting to raise Bo, a puppy that we hope will be trained, when he is grown, to be a guide for the blind. Bo is a black four month old German Shepard.
Elliot is also puppy-raising, but his pup is Cooper, a male, three month old black Lab.
Sponsors of Guide Dogs of the Desert are given the privilege of naming their puppies. We will likely have them until they are just over a year old when they return to CA for their training. We do not receive any financial benefit from this.
One big reason Brian is involved in Christian radio is because of how God used it in Brian’s salvation and spiritual growth. It is a way to ensure that others can also be blessed in this manner. In a similar way, we are really grateful for the work others did on our behalf before Gwen, Brian’s Seeing Eye Dog, was trained for him. We’re trying to help other blind folks to be blessed with moblilty and greater independance.
Check back later for pictures.

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