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Someone recently made a comment that our website has not been updated for a couple of months.  Has it really been THAT long?

I will make a few comments now and hopefully come back here soon to do more updates .

On the first of April Gabrielle and Elliot and their guide dogs-in-training participated in a Health Fair at the school. They gave tips on what to do or not to do when some one has a dog for a guide or helper. Michaela,  Simeon and Mom went to the health fair for a school project.  Simeon picked up some info about a fun run of 1 mile or 5k.  After reading the details, he decided to train for the 5k even though he is still 11 years old.  Some of his practice runs were with Brian.  There was still snow and ice;  and soon it was large puddles, ruts, and ice in the streets.   Several times Brian deferred to Gabrielle the chance to run with Simeon.  Fast-forward.  On May 9, all three of them did the 5k and did fine…with Sim coming in a full 8 minutes faster than the Brian/Gabrielle team. And…. they were featured in a sports page article of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner on the 12th of May.



That was the same day that we went to Fairbanks for the dog obedience class.   Brian is giving Gwen a refresher while Bo and Cooper give Gabrielle and Elliot lessons. (!)  M,S, and Laurie went to do shopping for MORE dog food and some people food. Imagine who came to do a feature story on the dog trainer/school during the class.   Channel 11 TV from Fairbanks. Sure enough! The three Blairs and Gwen were seen on tv the next day. We haven’t seen it as we do not have any tv reception.

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