Sweet visit

A very sweet visit has just come to an end as Mom is now on a plane to the “lower 48”.
Laurie’s mom and Laurie’s sister came for a two week visit to Nenana. They had a a peaceful time and we skipped all school lessons to help put together ten jigsaw puzzles that average 1,000 pieces each. Our visitors also experienced their first tries at cross-country skiing with success. They saw the Alaskan Ice Carving in Fairbanks. You can look at the website at  www.icealaska.com.  We had some very pleasant weather and some just to show the variety of March.  The temperatures dipped to -30F  and we had wind chill warnings to -55 F. They will find the mild temps  of home very welcome.

This wasn’t just a visit for fun… we did put people to work preparing a newsletter for mailing.   If you’d like a copy, please just ask.

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