New definition of COLD

As we age, we develop new ideas, refine some, drop others. I am going out on a limb to admit what many already know about me. I am getting older. Yes, this thought comes with the beginning of a new year because I usually have to think about what year it is before I can remember how old I am. But with the thought of my age,  I am now ready to revise the definition of COLD.

We have been having a cold-snap (notice the lower-case letters) with temperatures like -30 to -40. Well, this morning we have -51 F. This number is more than my age so I am calling it COLD.  Whatever happened to the idea of global warming? We need to remember to keep every bit of skin covered as frost-bite happens more quickly. One can be burned by opening a door with a bare hand.

The puppies have fleece booties that fasten with Velcro type straps. They work great to protect from the cold when going out for regular visits. The problem is the time required for four feet to get dressed for a puppy who’s already eager to go out. We’ve had more puppy puddles since the cold-snap began.

One more reason to want the warmer temperatures!

By the  way, Brian says he getting accustomed to the colder temperatures.

Not me!

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