Flowers in February

Brian, Gabrielle, Elliot, and Karl, and three dogs went to town on Tuesday.  Here’s how that happened.  Brian’s braille note-taker device got stuck in the “on” position so he needed to send it to Florida for repair.  As it is his near -constant companion, he needs it to be as quick of an in-out job as possible.  UPS does ship out of Fairbanks…but they don’t come to Nenana to pick up. 

Last time I was in town, Elliot went to a certain national chain store to order new glasses.  While there, we spied an elevator, thought of the pups needing training with elevators, and asked the manager for permission, which was gladly given.

Karl was in need of supplies for a wiring job at the radio station and needed to go to Fairbanks.  Karl drove our truck so I did not go with them.

That’s how Brian had the opportunity to buy roses for me as a huge surprise for Valentine’s Day.  What a Sweetie!

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