Liver and Onions

Note: There are NO pictures with this post. This disclaimer is for those who don’t like raw food.
Yesterday we got a moose liver. This was just an average moose
liver, in that it FILLED a Rubbermaid dishpan. Gabrielle removed the outer membrane and Mom sliced it. We could have had liver and onions for at least twenty-five people…even more if some of them didn’t want seconds like my family. We can have liver several more times, so I looked in the cook book for ideas. Liver, Sauteed Liver, Liver cooked in wine, Braised Liver, Liver Creole, Liver Loaf, Liver Luncheon and Breakfast Spread, Liver Dumplings, Liver Patties. We’ll have to think about these choices!
What a big blessing to have this liver and we are blessed by those who worked to make it possible.

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