Liver and Onions

Note: There are NO pictures with this post. This disclaimer is for those who don’t like raw food. Yesterday we got a moose liver. This was just an average moose liver, in that it FILLED a Rubbermaid dishpan. Gabrielle removed the outer membrane and Mom sliced it. We could have had liver and onions for […]


The latest “hot” news around here is the lightening-started wild fires in the Interior. I nearly took a picture yesterday to show how dark it was in mid-afternoon… Though a picture of dark isn’t really very interesting! Our boys turned on the string of “Christmas” lights that are on the deck rail at the radio […]

From the Obedience Class

Sigh! Some of us just can’t help being cute.Here are some pictures of the puppies while at their obedience class.

More Puppy Pictures

Cooper ready for mud season

The Pups are growing up

Celebrities (?)

Someone recently made a comment that our website has not been updated for a couple of months.  Has it really been THAT long? I will make a few comments now and hopefully come back here soon to do more updates . On the first of April Gabrielle and Elliot and their guide dogs-in-training participated in a […]

Sweet visit

A very sweet visit has just come to an end as Mom is now on a plane to the “lower 48”. Laurie’s mom and Laurie’s sister came for a two week visit to Nenana. They had a a peaceful time and we skipped all school lessons to help put together ten jigsaw puzzles that average […]

Flowers in February

Brian, Gabrielle, Elliot, and Karl, and three dogs went to town on Tuesday.  Here’s how that happened.  Brian’s braille note-taker device got stuck in the “on” position so he needed to send it to Florida for repair.  As it is his near -constant companion, he needs it to be as quick of an in-out job as […]

New definition of COLD

As we age, we develop new ideas, refine some, drop others. I am going out on a limb to admit what many already know about me. I am getting older. Yes, this thought comes with the beginning of a new year because I usually have to think about what year it is before I can […]

Nenana increased by eight feet

Sure, the title is meant to lure you into reading more! Nenana has increased by eight feet. These eight feet, quickly followed by four more feet, just ran past me here in my dining room. Let me tell you about the latest 4-H project. On Tuesday, November 25, we met two Guide Dogs of the […]